About Me

Hellooo Readers! I'm Laura, a big foodie who keeps off the food baby by burning off those foodie calories daily with exercise.
I'm one lucky duck since my job is built around fitness. I graduated from college with a degree in Health Promotion and also got an ACSM cert in Personal Training. Luckily enough, found a job in Maine where I perform fitness assessments and build exercise programs for state workers as well as run circuit, spin, and kickboxing classes.

My fitness philosophy is based off of functionality, time efficiency, and diversity. I hate going to the gym and doing the same thing. It's not fun and it doesn't do jack for your body. I mix up workouts that build up many muscle groups useful for every day activity in the most efficient way possible. So what you get is a workout that is harder, more dynamic, and can be done in less time. And that is just my day job...

When I'm at home, I am stationed at the Food Network or the Cooking Channel. When I'm not watching that, I'm lurking food bloggers from FoodGawker.com and Pinterest. It's a sickness that I never want to get over.

I want food to taste good without feeling like I just hit up the China Buffet with one too many trips to the dessert bar. I want food to sustain me and to keep me coming back for more. My ultimate task is to find (moderately) low cal recipes that hit the spot after a long day at work.

Anyhow, I currently live in Blue Hill, Maine with two cuties..my husband, Mark and my puppy, Brady.

I'm happy as could be near family, friends, the ocean and Toddy Pond. I do whisk away to Virginia sometimes to visit my wonderful college friends, where I first discovered my love for food and fitness. I love Maine summers, beers at the ballpark, and snowy Saturdays.

Thank you and enjoy the blog.